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  • We customize SEO packages based on your needs

  • No obligations to sign a long-term contract.

  • We limit ourselves to a maximum of three new projects per month.

  • We provide weekly reports to track the progress of our work

  • We schedule weekly meetings with our experts to discuss the project's direction for the future.

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WHY SEO...???

SEO is an ongoing practice, not a one-time project.

When you open a new shop or offer a new service, you want people to discover and utilize your services. How can you achieve that?

  • Ensure your business is easy to find through Google.

  • Use focus keywords to improve the website ranking.

  • Scan the website for errors to comply with Google's standards.

  •  Create unique content on a regular basis, highlighting your services and/or products.

  • Write engaging blogs related to your business.

  •  Look for authentic backlinks to validate your business in the eyes of Google.

let's make it simple...

"To attract customers, you constantly require new ideas, which is exactly what the Search Engine Optimism service aims to provide"


Our SEO Plans

  • Free SEO

    Free Plan to help your Business to grow
    Free Plan
    • SEO Audit inspector
    • Website Consultation
    • Recommendations for your business SEO
    • Recommending a Master keyword for your business
    • free local SEO audit
  • Simple SEO

    Every month
    Great plan for small businesses
    • Website Error Fixing
    • Making your website a google complaint
    • Choosing the right keywords
    • Keyword research analytic
    • Weekly reports
    • Robot.txt adjustment
    • Local SEO adjustment
    • Sitemap arrangement
  • SEO Booster

    Every month
    Google Ads are not included
    • Content writing
    • Blog creating
    • Content topics researching
    • Backlink following
    • Request sites backlinks following
    • Google ads full management solutions
    • Competitor analytics
    • Ranking strategy
    • Website Error Fixing
    • Making your website google complaint
    • Choosing the right keywords
    • Keyword research
    • Weekly reports
    • Local SEO adjustment
    • Robot.txt adjustment
    • Sitemap arrangement


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“Vendix 's expertise coupled with his collaborative and innovative spirit made it the go-to expert for our most significant projects. with it's forward-thinking strategies, "

Yaser, Jordan




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