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WHY SEO...???

SEO is an ongoing practice, not a one-time project.

When you open a new shop or offer a new service, you want people to discover and utilize your services. How can you achieve that?

  • Ensure your business is easy to find through Google.

  • Use focus keywords to improve the website ranking.

  • Scan the website for errors to comply with Google's standards.

  •  Create unique content on a regular basis, highlighting your services and/or products.

  • Write engaging blogs related to your business.

  •  Look for authentic backlinks to validate your business in the eyes of Google.

let's make it simple...

"To attract customers, you constantly require new ideas, which is exactly what the Search Engine Optimism service aims to provide"


Our SEO Plans

  • Free SEO

    Free Plan to help your Business to grow
    Free Plan
    • SEO Audit inspector
    • Website Consultation
    • Recommendations for your business SEO
    • Recommending a Master keyword for your business
    • free local SEO audit
  • Simple SEO

    Every month
    Great plan for small businesses
    • Website Error Fixing
    • Making your website a google complaint
    • Choosing the right keywords
    • Keyword research analytic
    • Weekly reports
    • Robot.txt adjustment
    • Local SEO adjustment
    • Sitemap arrangement
  • SEO Booster

    Every month
    Google Ads are not included
    • Content writing
    • Blog creating
    • Content topics researching
    • Backlink following
    • Request sites backlinks following
    • Google ads full management solutions
    • Competitor analytics
    • Ranking strategy
    • Website Error Fixing
    • Making your website google complaint
    • Choosing the right keywords
    • Keyword research
    • Weekly reports
    • Local SEO adjustment
    • Robot.txt adjustment
    • Sitemap arrangement


Online Engagement and Social Media Solutions

International Branding and Disruption of Products

Web Design Services

Offline Marketing Solutions

Local Market Connection in the United Arab Emirates

E-commerce Solutions

Email Marketing Services

Flyer Distribution Services

Web Hosting Solutions

Influencer Marketing Strategies

Brochure and Logo Designing

Video & photoshooting sessions



“Vendix 's expertise coupled with his collaborative and innovative spirit made it the go-to expert for our most significant projects. with it's forward-thinking strategies, "

Yaser, Jordan


  • Can I do my business SEO by myself?
    Yes, you can handle SEO on your own if you run a small company, with the knowledge the necessary tools, understand website coding, learn keyword research methodology, and effectively organize your time to research new keywords, stay updated with Google's latest updates, keep updating the old links, finding new backlinks, and consistently discover new topics and contents using the appropriate keywords
  • Is SEO important for small business companies?
    Yes, it’s more important and stronger to attract the right customer, In a world where everyone competes for visibility on social media, attracting the right customers becomes crucial and more impactful. Notably, the majority of serious inquiries originate from Google search engine
  • How to add keywords to my website ?
    Rather than simply adding keywords, it is essential to implement them strategically. This can be achieved by incorporating relevant topics, structuring your content with appropriate H1, H2, and H3 headings, and ensuring your content aligns with Google's guidelines and requirements.
  • What is the best SEO friendly designing tool with SEO?
    WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly and effective tool for small businesses looking to establish an SEO-friendly online presence.
  • How does SEO works to drive traffic?
    Your website can significantly improve its visibility by achieving a top 10 ranking in search results,. To attain this, it is important to incorporate the keywords required by Google into your topics and content. This strategic implementation of keywords helps boost your website's ranking and, in turn, enhances your website traffic. Additionally, Google values authenticated backlinks, which play a significant role in driving traffic to your site. Furthermore, focusing on on-page SEO, fixing website errors, and optimizing coding can further contribute to increased traffic on your website.
  • What are backlinks?
    Backlinks are valuable links used by others by using your link to support their sites (sharing your link other websites). Similarly, when you use these backlinks, it helps Google gain a better understanding of your website and significantly improves your ranking. It's important to note that using spammy or paid backlinks can have adverse effects, so it's crucial to focus on acquiring high-quality, backlinks
  • What other services can support SEO?
    Social Media, videos on Tiktok & email automations are also a strong facts that can support your website a lot, as long as they are using your links as a backlink to drive your website traffic.
  • SEO or Digital Marketing?
    SEO plays a crucial role in attracting serious clients, as individuals frequently turn to search engines when they are in the process of or ready to make a purchase. On the other hand, social media platforms are typically utilized for browsing and entertainment purposes.
  • What is the cost of SEO in Dubai?
    Cost depends on certain facts such as How fast you want to grow? What is your current ranking on google? How big is your business? What type of product you intent to sell? We can help you through all this by contacting us and book your free appointment.
  • Can I improve my ranking fast on google to top 10 in 2 weeks?
    Never, unless you are doing paid ads. However, your ranking will go down the soonest your paid ad is expired. In Vendix Marketing we are looking for steady and real ranking grow value. As SEO is a long practice and not just one time pay me service.
  • If I buy an old website with a ready domain can this improve my SEO ranking or it’s better to start a fresh new website?
    It depends on the following The page’s backlinks The number of errors and spams in your site The number of click per request number The type of keywords used to feed the site Number & type of visitors This is why we run a free SEO audit for you. contact us to help you before you move on with your decision
  • Can I get free consultation before applying to your services?
    Yes, We want you to be ready and to understand every single detail before you make a decision and this is why we have created a free consultation service for you
  • What other services do you provide?
    We provide many services to support our SEO division check the following link to understand more about us
  • Why I don’t just focus of Social media?
    Couple of years before, there wasn’t much competition for social media, it was easy to start a new project, post some photos, and start receiving followers. However, now a day Competition is unbelievably high Social media companies are here to make money not to support you for free. Therefore, they are focusing on making you pay more to get more views, which it often checked and viewed by people not interested in your content. To make the most out of your social media you must post daily, with new ideas and too many videos. Which will result in hiring an expensive specialist to take care of all that.


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