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About Us

why choose us as an SEO company:

What you need is a company that would make the marketing decisions for you.

  • Suggesting suitable content for your business

  • Write the correct content for your business

  • Provide you with the written reports right on time

  • Keep you up to date and explain every single step

  • Ready to answer your inquiries at any time

  • We understand your business , with 13 years of experience in the UAE, with business management experience   

Our Story

Vendix, founded in 2018 and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was born with a clear vision , to empower its customers in significantly boosting their business revenue.

As a dedicated partner, Vendix Marketing becomes an integral part of their local team, offering comprehensive marketing solutions that encompass both online and offline strategies. Through strong connections and innovative approaches, Vendix ensures the job is completed successfully, inspiring clients to achieve their business goals.


In its ongoing growth, Vendix has expanded its reach beyond borders, establishing a global presence and connecting companies across international regions. With the opening of our second office in Istanbul, Turkey, we enable our customers to effectively engage with their target audience in the United Arab Emirates and other markets.

About us Vendix Marketing

Our Group

Vendix Marketing

is an integral part of the Vendix Group, driving its ambitious vision to expand its creative prowess across diverse sectors worldwide. As a vital component of our group.

Vendix Global

facilitates seamless connections between Turkish products and global markets. Additionally

Vendix Consultancy

offers comprehensive support to entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses in Turkey, providing assistance with visa arrangements and real estate projects.

Our Clients

Our customers
Our customers
Our customers
Our customers
Our customers
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