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About Us....


Vendix started back in 2018, Origin from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

started with a creative vision, to assist its customers in increasing sufficiently their businesses income, by being a part of their local team and a part of their marketing solutions, providing both Online & offline, connections & inspirational ways to get the job completed.


Today Vendix has progressively expanded to reach the international region, connecting companies together to reach its customers all abroad the cities borders. 
We have settled our second office in
Istanbul, Turkey. Typically helping our customers to reach out to their clients in the United Arab Emirates & others...

Our Group

Vendix Marketing represents one side of the Vendix Group as the company strategy to expand tremendously its creative vision to multiple suction all around the world. 

An essential part of our Group,

Vendix Global is a company established to intimately connect Turkey's products with the rest of the world

Vendix Consultancy is a company initiated to assist businessmen coming to establish their business in Turkey, arranging visas, and/or looking for real estate projects 

We Would Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Us

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